“Ever since I got involved in boxing I have always had a burning desire to open my own boxing oriented gym facility. I wanted to have the chance to give back something to the sport that has given me so much .. Thus Eagle Fitness gym at Taren Point was set up in 2014 (Present theTaren Point gym has closed down and the new WOMEN ONLY gym is now operating at Padstow). The Shire is my home town and most commercial gyms around don’t offer the one on one specialty boxercise programs we do. People love getting into our full size boxing ring to throw on the gloves and spar with me, the other trainers or their own friends. For me it’s very satisfying seeing normal people push there physical boundaries and come away with good physical fitness results and more importantly a mental toughness that only boxing can give you. We  have some innovative box-fit and body blitz programs that combined with nutritional and dietary tips allows everyone to box skip and jump their way to a more healthy and active lifestyle .. Eagle Fitness gym is definitely a gym I am very proud of.”
– Lauryn Eagle


Girls Class – Aged 10-15 years old – COMING SOON

Boxing: Learn the correct technique to execute a jab, hook and upper cut as well as the correct footwork and defense, all while adding cardio conditioning that boxers use to get into top shape! This class is great for women and men of any fitness level and age that want to become leaner, stronger and physically fitter.

Bootcamp: Build your strength, endurance and fitness levels with this consistently varied hard hitting session. Designed to give you a complete workout, each class is structured and incorporates cardio, boxing, weight training and so much more. A fun yet grueling 60 minute workout that will burn fat and sculpt your body in a fun environment.

Ladies only: A fun workout in the comfortable environment, designed just for women of all fitness levels. This class focuses on using a wide variety of training methods for a fitter, faster and stronger version of yourself both physically and mentally. Improve your lifestyle habits and meet some great ladies.

All sorts: A variety of strength training, cardio exercise, endurance, boxing, sprinting and running technique training. Combined and varied per class to benefit your body and mind. This is a great sweat session and perfect for you if you are looking to mix up your exercise regime.